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Boundaries in Motion

Boundaries in Motion

Ondřej Hofírek, Radka Klvaňová, Michal Nekorjak

Boundaries in Motion

Rethinking Contemporary Migration Events

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 The book contributes to interdisciplinary discussion on theorizing and researching contemporary migration events departing from paradigm shifts in migration studies that question established conceptual, analytical and methodological approaches. Papers in this volume reflect a move away from static and bounded concepts and methodologies towards more mobile and unbound perspectives on contemporary migration events. The aim of the book in the first instance is to enrich the discussion on the complexity of migration theorizing, researching and policy-making.

 „The book is an interesting collection of papers which each in their different way interrogates established approaches to understanding migration, and suggests that more nuanced and flexible frameworks will produce a more informative picture which could often also lead to improved policy making." (Lydia Morris, University of Essex)

"I see the given book as an important contribution to the current debate on new migratory patterns, in general, and on transnational migratory paradigm, in particular. The book brings interesting in-depth theoretical-conceptual and methodical articles. Some of the raised issues are tackled in a very interesting way, viewed from different angles, perspectives." (Dušan Drbohlav, Charles University)

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Ediční řada: Sociologická řada
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Rok vydání: 2009
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